What are religions and denominations to God

” What are religions and denominations to God but a division amongst a peoples He desires unified in His love~”

Man has a way of making things complex and many times purposeful and some times, accidentally. Never the less, what we have with man’s writings regarding God such as the Bible, Khoran and other scriptural writings is complexity. And the result of complexity is different interpretations, thus argument thus division into many different religions and denominations. But God’s truth itself is simple enough for a child to understand thus leaves no one out. It cant mislead, nor divide. It unifies all. So if what man writes divides then clearly, it is not God’s truth. And obviously, when it is many men even more so the problem. One says this and one says that. And people wonder why others doubt scriptures. Moreover, why they have been separated into many instead of being unified under one banner……… God

” God unifies by inspiration and simplicity of understanding while His opposites like to control, confuse and separate by way of complexities~” ACH

If there is any separation seen by God regarding people it is, into those who love and those who hate. Stripped of all the labels it is nice and basic. Complexity serves the divider. Simplicity serves God

This I say is proven in many ways. One of which is the need for a repetetive brain wash versus easy understanding where no such thing is required nor is the result division


Where Atheism and Christianity Meet

There is a common bond shared by all religions and non-religions and that is the need to see in order to believe. Thus in this case Atheism is no different than all the rest. Now so, Faith would be what is set apart from all the rest because it unlike religion or non-relgion doesn’t need to see something in order to believe in what is not.

Born a sinner? How you figure

First of all, name one new born infant who knows sin and sins. You can’t. Thus we can’t truly, say we are born sinners but we can say we are born to sin. And why is this? Well, first we are born of God knowing no sin and not sinning so, clearly, we have to grow in sin in order to become it. With sin such is the same with flaw. We are born perfect but we grow in a world of flaw and then become flawed. With this known we can choose to make either, sin or flaw, more or less. Moreover, God never walks away from us but we do walk away from Him. The less sin and flaw the closer we stand. The more the farther the distance. We always have a choice. When we dont know sin or flaw there is reason. But when we do know they become an excuse. Understand? We are not born sinners. We are born God perfect……….

God by definition

Like all the words you have ever learned but of greatest value, the word God can be defined. Name one word a society shares that doesn’t have a meaning. The word God, with that said is no exception…

God is the energy required to create and run all life (Spirit). Love and empathy in their purest forms (Grace). The sum of all things positive known or not and seen or not (Almighty). So as we may not see God Himself in totality, per se, we do see the results of Him everyday. That is if we understand what the word itself means.

Don’t let God being called a He fool you into visioning a man in the sky because this is not the case but a human word used to correlate God as an Authority such as that, of the father in the family. The protector of family just the same but it is not to say God is man nor that He will ever be.

There is an energy required to create and run all life. A long time ago people chose to name it God.
Thought of was a love and empathy in their purest form. Long time ago people called it God
A sum of all positives known or not and seen or not opposite the negative. Long time ago people summed up into one word ” God”

God is what they call energy in life creation, love and empathy in purest forms and in general the sum of all positives. God gave us all life and we gave Him His name.

Trying to understand what isnt told but is felt. What is felt but not seen. To know its there but hard to explain. Trying to come up with a word to describe it.


I am a spiritual writer and speaker. I write and speak the phrases that they put in beautiful pictures. Such as,

” I will walk through hell only, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven~”