Born a sinner? How you figure

First of all, name one new born infant who knows sin and sins. You can’t. Thus we can’t truly, say we are born sinners but we can say we are born to sin. And why is this? Well, first we are born of God knowing no sin and not sinning so, clearly, we have to grow in sin in order to become it. With sin such is the same with flaw. We are born perfect but we grow in a world of flaw and then become flawed. With this known we can choose to make either, sin or flaw, more or less. Moreover, God never walks away from us but we do walk away from Him. The less sin and flaw the closer we stand. The more the farther the distance. We always have a choice. When we dont know sin or flaw there is reason. But when we do know they become an excuse. Understand? We are not born sinners. We are born God perfect……….


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