What are religions and denominations to God

” What are religions and denominations to God but a division amongst a peoples He desires unified in His love~”

Man has a way of making things complex and many times purposeful and some times, accidentally. Never the less, what we have with man’s writings regarding God such as the Bible, Khoran and other scriptural writings is complexity. And the result of complexity is different interpretations, thus argument thus division into many different religions and denominations. But God’s truth itself is simple enough for a child to understand thus leaves no one out. It cant mislead, nor divide. It unifies all. So if what man writes divides then clearly, it is not God’s truth. And obviously, when it is many men even more so the problem. One says this and one says that. And people wonder why others doubt scriptures. Moreover, why they have been separated into many instead of being unified under one banner……… God

” God unifies by inspiration and simplicity of understanding while His opposites like to control, confuse and separate by way of complexities~” ACH

If there is any separation seen by God regarding people it is, into those who love and those who hate. Stripped of all the labels it is nice and basic. Complexity serves the divider. Simplicity serves God

This I say is proven in many ways. One of which is the need for a repetetive brain wash versus easy understanding where no such thing is required nor is the result division


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